FREE Lead Generation Guide through Digital Marketing

FOMO Traffic Digital Marketing - wishes to spread the need for digital marketing through FREE course series and their first session in the series is the Lead generation course which includes the following - Learning Road map, References resources through E-Mails, Guidance Videos, FREE Tools & Freemium plugins that available in the market!

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    FOMO Traffic

    Re-inventing the Marketing Spirit

    This course is for those -

    • Having a valuable product in hand but not able to find customers?
    • Looking for a new job as a digital marketer?
    • Wanting to reach the right recruiters to land your dream job?
    • Wish to freelance in the field of lead generation?
    • Searching for a part-time job or a summer internship for extra income?

    What will you learn?

    • Understanding your niche
    • Identify your lead
    • Collecting the lead's information
    • Lead Generation Tools
    • Creating a Lead Magnet
    • Building your landing page
    • Broadcasting Messages
    • Email Marketing
    • Email Automation Plugin