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Once you have chosen a topic to write on, would you ensure if your content answers the questions that your blog visitors might have in mind? Do you feel that your blog offers valuable yet it’s hidden on SERP? Your life would be at a stake especially if you have got an online business and your blog being the biggest traction inflow for it. That’s because you’ve done excellent work as a content writer but have not put in as much effort into keyword research for Google SEO that top bloggers in your niche have done. In order to rank your post on the top, you not only need to be a good content writer but also a digital marketer with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing, SEO techniques to increase your website’s traffic, and some smart marketing hacks to convert your page visitors into leads. Your keyword research and SEO are the ultimate sales pitches that get your customer’s attention to find your blog amidst hundred others in the same niche appearing on the Google Search Result Page. Even if you are someone who doesn’t know the A-to-Zs of Digital marketing, this article would be a quick help guide to get your customized keyword research using the below keyword research tools without being a professional digital marketer yourself. All you need to know is the following, to get your content ranked on the first page of SERP:

  • Keywords that worked for your niche
  • Questions that blog visitors might search for
  • What worked for others in your niche?

Don’t you worry! All these could be done in no time with these beginner-friendly free & freemium tools to increase your reach and help people find your page on Google when they searching for similar content.

Here are some of the best user-friendly Free keyword research tool for SEO that works like magic for boosting your content traffic:

Answer The Public – Keyword Based Content Structuring Tool

This tool helps us to understand the questions that arise in people’s minds pertaining to your niche and saves our time while framing the content structure while analyzing what might interest your target audience and drive organic traffic to your blog by providing quality solutions and answers to all their questions, on your page.

H-Super Tool – Free Keyword Research Tool

Type in your phrase or blog title, select the country and language of your target audience. You will be able to see multiple keywords for your title with monthly search volumes, paid competitions, SEO difficulty, and cost per conversion listed for each keyword. Make sure to incorporate low competition keywords from a high-on-demand niche in your blog content.

Uber Suggest – Content Idea & Competitor Keyword Analyser Tools

If you are apprehensive of your chosen keyword or topic, bringing in enough traffic to your blog you can definitely verify it using this tool. This tool gives you a list of topic ideas closely related to your niche with high-traffic SEO-friendly keywords and social traffic based on Facebook and Pinterest engagements along with the keywords used by your competitors and their corresponding page rankings will also be listed.

LSI Keywords Generator – LSI Graph Tool

Once you have jotted down your keywords for which you had planned your article to rank, make sure to include the related keywords that are semantically related to the main keyword. All you have to do is to type in the main keyword and use the auto-generated LSI keywords into your content for your search engine to understand the context of your content clearly by mapping them from content, this promotes the page indexing.

SpyFu – SEO Keyword Tool

This tool enables you to spy on your competitor’s keywords that have made it to the top of the Google Search listings. Start by identifying the lists of blog posts that have a higher ranking on Google, then come to SpyFu to analyze your competitor’s SEO keyword for that page – you will get a result with every keyword being scanned from your competitor’s page along with its search traffic. From this data, you could build your own keyword collection.

Soovle – Cross Search Engine Keyword Tool

Soovle provides customized keyword results, crawled from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Binge, Answers, YouTube, and Wikipedia. This is such a comprehensive tool that lets you analyze the keyword trends from different sources without restricting to Google Search Engine alone.

Keyword Sheeter – Long Tail Keyword Combination Generation Tool

Detailed targeting of long-tailed keywords reduces bounce back rates and brings in the exact audience that is in search of your content. You just have to enter your main keywords and the keyword sheeter finds all possible combinations of long-tail keywords that are related to the main keyword.

LinkGraph – Keyword Search Volume

If you are someone who wants to make, you of the Google Keywords Planner but doesn’t have a Google Ads account, then this tool is the best alternative for you. After finding a list of long-tail keywords from Keyword Sheeter, who can go ahead with this tool to find the Adwords competition level for a specific keyword along with its market competition, average monthly searches, and CPC.

Chrome Extensions – Uber Suggest, Keyword Surfer, Keywords Everywhere

These chrome plugins could be easily installed onto your browser. Metrics such as monthly search volume, keyword competition, CPC to find the keywords directly for your search query for any page ranking on SERP.

The keyword research tools discussed are quite different tools other than the classic keyword research tools like – Google Trends, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google AutoComplete, Google’s Related Searches and Suggested  Keywordson Facebook Ads.

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